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    SW273 – Art, Power & Resistance

    This course introduces interdisciplinary methods of analysis and interpretation in Southwestern art/cultural production/expressive culture, including, but not limited to visual arts, material culture, music, drama, and literature. Students gain a historical foundation that allows them to analyze and interpret early forms of Indigenous, Mexicana/o, and Hispano art, which we use to examine the relationship between art, identity, and power. As we move through the course, we examine how histories of colonialism and cultural mixing produce new identity categories and influence contemporary Southwestern art/cultural production/expressive culture created by Indigenous, Latinx/Chicanx, Hispana/o, and Mexicana/o artists, writers, performers, and musicians. We utilize the rich collections of Southwest art and material culture housed at the Fine Arts Center (FAC) at CC, along with visits to regional sites like museums, artist’s studios, and artist communities, to engage in discussions about art and identity, to address how art is a tool for decolonization, and to imagine the ways that artists (broadly speaking) have created narratives of resistance and accommodation through their work. May meet either the Critical Perspectives: Global Cultures or Social Inequality requirement.


    TermBlockTitleInstructorLocationStudent Limit/ AvailableUpdated
    Spring 2021 Southwest Arts & Culture Karen Roybal TBA 25/25 03/18/2020
    Spring 2021 Block 7 Art, Power & Resistance Karen Roybal TBA 25/25 08/10/2020