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    SW265 – Immigrant Communities in Colorado

    The changing demographics of the Front Range communities in Colorado and the socio-economic conditions that generate poverty will be examined as a case study of immigration theory. The increasing diversity of Colorado Springs, Denver, and Pueblo, due in part to high levels of immigration from Mexico, creates new challenges for this region including the provision of adequate housing and social services and racial and ethnic integration in public schools and other institutions. This community based learning course offers students the opportunity to volunteer with a non-profit organization serving Latino immigrants in one of these cities. Particular emphasis will be placed on student teaching of English as a Second Language classes to recently arrived immigrants. Offered as a combined half block and spring semester extended format course; students must complete both the half block and the spring semester work to receive credit for either. Meets the Critical Perspectives: Social Inequality requirement. (Not offered 2020-21).

    Prerequisite: Spanish Language skills recommended.