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    RM257 – Globalization and Immigration on the U.S.-Mexico Border

    This course will examine changing patterns of U.S. immigration policy in the U.S.-Mexican border region, with an emphasis on the criminalization of U.S. immigration policy, and assess this policy in the context of a broader review of immigration theory. Other issues that will be explored include: the conditions within Mexico and Central America that have generated emigration to the U.S., the nature/challenges of the migrant journey to the U.S., and the role that Latino labor plays in the U.S. economy. The class typically includes a field component along the U.S.-Mexico border. May meet either the Critical Perspectives: Global Cultures or Social Inequality requirement.

    Prerequisite: consent of instructor & Any 100-level SO course, Sophomore standing. Spanish language skills recommended and consent of instructor.


    TermBlockTitleInstructorLocationStudent Limit/ AvailableUpdated
    Fall 2019 Block 2 Globalization and Immigration Eric Popkin Palmer Hall 124 12/0 05/30/2020