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    PH260 – Existential Philosophy

    A study of several thinkers in the existential tradition, which has its origin in the 19th century writings of Kierkegaard and Nietzsche and includes such 20th century authors as Heidegger and Camus, among others. Issues to be covered include freedom, authenticity, meaning, the absurd, the predicament of the contingent individual, and the aims of philosophy itself. (Not offered 2020-21).


    TermBlockTitleInstructorLocationStudent Limit/ AvailableUpdated
    Fall 2019 Block 1 Existential Philosophy: Meaning in Life: Central Questions in Existential Philosophy J.P. Rosensweig Armstrong Hall 257B 17/2 05/31/2020
    Fall 2019 Block 4 Existential Philosophy Michael Kim Armstrong Hall 342 25/-1 05/31/2020