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MU398 – Advanced Topics in Music

Particular topics in music that require a more advanced background in music theory and history. Specific offerings vary from year to year and focus on periods, composers, areas, or mediums that are not otherwise offered through the regular curriculum


TermBlockTitleInstructorLocationStudent Limit/ AvailableUpdated
Fall 2017 Block 2 Advanced Topics in Music: Song, Poetry and Performance in the Southwest Carrie Ruiz, Vicki Levine Packard Hall 8 25/13 06/22/2018
Spring 2018 Block 5 Leonard Bernstein Ryan Banagale Packard Hall 17 25/12 06/22/2018
Spring 2018 Block 7 Advanced Topics in Music: Advanced Digital Music Production Iddo Aharony Packard Hall 20 15/2 06/22/2018
Summer 2018 Block A Advanced Topics in Music: On The Road: American Bluegrass Keith Reed TBA 8/4 06/22/2018
Spring 2019 Block 6 Advanced Topics in Music: American Folk Music Vicki Levine, Keith Reed TBA 25/25 06/22/2018
Spring 2019 Block 6 Advanced Topics in Music: Advanced Composition (taught in Australia) Ofer Ben-Amots TBA 25/25 06/22/2018