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    MU395 – Irish Traditional Music

    Irish traditional music has played an integral role in the ongoing formation of Irish and Irish American identities. This course explores the historical development of Irish music and the ways in which it has articulated issues of colonization, nationalism, diaspora, cultural revival, and globalization. It further examines Irish musical styles, genres, and repertories. Emphasis is placed on performance and creative components; students participate in hands-on workshops with Irish musicians and attend a concert of traditional Irish music. Instrumental and vocal tutorials enhance the workshops and the class culminates in a public performance, in which students present music learned during the course. The class is team-taught by an Irish singer and an ethnomusicologist. This course meets the ethnomusicology requirement for the music minor. As a cross-listing with Anthropology, it centers on humans as producers of music, situates musical activity comparatively, and makes meaningful connections with the body of knowledge and theory of folklore. (Also listed as Anthropology 308). Meets the Critical Perspectives: Global Cultures requirement. (Not offered 2020-21).

    Prerequisite: Previous college-level music coursework or private instruction; instrumental/vocal proficiency; and consent of instructor.