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    MU251 – Tonal Harmony

    This course builds on the basic aspects of musicianship while introducing students to the harmonic language and techniques of 17th-19th century western music. Students will analyze chorals and other harmonic genres, learn to interpret figured bass, write basic four-part chord progressions according to proper voice leading rules, and be able to demonstrate these musical genres at the keyboard. A major component of this course is the development of aural skills and sight singing including intervallic and chordal quality recognition as well as melodic and rhythmic dictations. The course will cover the full scope of diatonic through Chromatic harmony, including secondary dominants, extended subdominants, special sixth chords, modulations, and simple score reading.


    TermBlockTitleInstructorLocationStudent Limit/ AvailableUpdated
    Spring 2020 Block 5 Tonal Harmony Dan Brink Packard Hall 17 25/10 05/27/2020
    Fall 2020 Tonal Harmony Dan Brink TBA 25/25 03/11/2020
    Spring 2021 Block 5 Tonal Harmony Dan Brink TBA 25/25 05/27/2020