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    GS255 – Reading and Rhetoric in the Liberal Arts: Envir Politics

    This half-unit (0.50 credit) course focuses on readings in contemporary environmental politics and the rhetoric of these readings. We will examine how the environment is mobilized as a political device and how public opinions and policies may be shaped by particular rhetorical strategies. The course will be taught in a workshop format, using group discussions, directed readings, small group activities, individual meetings, and a series of written reading-response assignment. One of Colorado College's foremost objectives as a leading liberal arts institution is to prepare its students 'with mental agility and the skills of critical judgments essential to learning (2006-2007 Colorado College Catalog of Courses, p. 15). Reading is one of the principal means by which we expose students to a variety of ideas, data, disciplines, and epistemologies. This course attends to reading in both theory and practice to challenge students to engage with texts more critically and actively. By focusing upon critical readings of environmental politics, students will develop strategies and knowledge that translate across the liberal arts curriculum. (Offered as a half-block and extended format course.) (Not offered 2020-21).