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    FG222 – Gender & Sexuality in the Modern Middle East and its Diasporas

    An introduction to the anthropological study of the modern Middle East and its diasporas that foregrounds how gender and sexuality are inhabited, embodied and negotiated in everyday life by differently situated individuals and communities. Themes for the course include the modern refashioning of gender and sexuality; agency, power and subjectivity; law and citizenship; piety and secularity; feminism, multiculturalism and the politics of translation. These themes are explored through richly contextualized historical, ethnographic, autobiographical, and fictional accounts in places as diverse as Morocco, Yemen, Iran, Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey, as well as in various diasporic locations including France and Germany. Considers dominant representations of the region and the normative assumptions about tradition, modernity, religion, secularism, law, gender, family and sexuality underlying them. 0.5 unit or 1 unit. Meets the Critical Perspectives: Global Cultures requirement. (Not offered 2020-21).