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ED235 – From Multicultural Education to Critical Pedagogy: Civil Rights in the U.S. Public Schools.

This course provides an introduction to multicultural education and critical pedagogy along with the sociopolitical issues surrounding the multicultural context of U.S. schools today. The course begins with the examination of culture as a framework through which our identities are shaped. Students will be prompted to examine culture through their participation in a school setting and engagement with community organizations that represent civil rights in education. Through these experiences, students will critically examine the micro cultures represented in their school placements, including: socio-economic class, ethnicity and race, religion, gender, language, ability, and age. In addition, the acculturation process will be examined, in particular the act of schooling as acculturation. Finally, students will apply multicultural critical pedagogies with youth in the Colorado Springs community. (Not offered 2018-19).


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