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EC374 – Economic Development of Latin America

This course utilizes economic theory to enable students to both understand and analyze the role of economic policy in the national arenas of Latin America. The course begins with an introduction to the global economic environment, the historical background of Latin America and the economic emergence of the region. The course focuses on several aspects of trade policy and regional agreements, monetary policy, fiscal policy, and their impact on the international policy environment, framing the analysis of these microeconomic and macroeconomic issues in the context of Latin America. The course will also address current events, both domestic and international, which are particularly relevant for the economic viability of the region. The purpose of the course is to understand the economic context and environment of policymaking in Latin America, as well as the impact on the different actors: workers, firms, the environment, political institutions. (Not offered 2018-19).

Prerequisite: Economics 301, Economics 302.


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