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CO352 – Topics in Comparative Literature: Literature and Other Disciplines:

Examination of post-communist political and economic changes in Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and Russia following the fall of communism through the lenses of political theory, economic theory, and literature. Exploration of how literature not only reflects and comments on political and economic developments but also enacts them. (Not offered 2018-19).

Prerequisite: 200 or 300-level literature course in Comparative Literature, English or other literature course; any 100 or 200 level Political Science course or Consent of Instructor.


TermBlockTitleInstructorLocationStudent Limit/ AvailableUpdated
Fall 2017 Block 1 Studies in 20th-Century Poetry: T.S. Eliot, Poetry, and Philosophy Dave Mason, Rick Furtak Armstrong Hall 342 32/11 06/20/2018
Fall 2017 Block 2 Topics in Comparative Literature: Theatre and the Politics of Action Tom Lindblade Cornerstone Art Center 308 25/13 06/20/2018
Fall 2017 Block 4 Topics in Comparative Literature: Literature and Other Disciplines: Contemporary Spanish Film Carrie Ruiz Armstrong Hall 2 25/9 06/20/2018
Spring 2018 Block 8 Topics in Comparative Literature: Ousmane Sembène, The Father of African Cinema Alistaire Tallent TBA 25/25 06/20/2018
Spring 2018 Block 8 Issues in Medieval Literature: Bodies and Gender in Medieval Literature Re Evitt Armstrong Hall 235 25/12 06/20/2018