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CO220 – Topics in Comparative Literature: Literature and Other Disciplines

Intermediate level consideration of various topics in comparative literature with particular emphasis on comparisons between literature and other disciplines. Topics might include a particular period or theme. Texts usually in English but with reference to non-English materials within the competence of students. (May be offered as a January half-block.)


TermBlockTitleInstructorLocationStudent Limit/ AvailableUpdated
Fall 2018 Block 4 Tpcs in Comp. Lit: Lit & Other Disciplines: Childhood in Japanese History: From Literary Trope Joan Ericson Armstrong Hall 340 12/7 12/16/2018
Spring 2019 Block 8 Tpcs in Comp. Literature: Literature & Other Disciplines: Trauma and Recuperation: Enabling Fictions Christine Maksimowicz TBA 25/10 12/16/2018