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    CH471 – Ribonucleic Acids

    This class covers the structure and function of RNA from a biochemical perspective. There are many different large and small RNA that are present in the cell that perform key functions in the cell from splicing, protein synthesis, to regulation. Structure and function of RNA and the techniques used to study these will be discussed using current literature. Biological functions of ribozyme and non-coding RNA will be studied with an eye towards understanding the development of new techniques in molecular biology for artificial manipulations of cellular systems, drug development, and human genome manipulation. Ethical challenges associated with RNA-based technologies will also be discussed. The course is based in current literature with substantial independent and group learning components. A research-based laboratory is included.

    Prerequisite: Chemistry & Biochemistry 382 or consent of instructor.


    TermBlockTitleInstructorLocationStudent Limit/ AvailableUpdated
    Spring 2021 Block 5 Ribonucleic Acids Neena Grover TBA 12/12 06/05/2020