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BE390 – Ecology and Biogeography of Patagonia

On-site investigations of the ecology and biogeography of Andean mountain forests and Patagonian steppe and studies of the ecology of several marine vertebrate species at the Atlantic coast. Students will read and present original literature, meet with local scientists at their study sites, and develop hypotheses that could be tested in the ecosystems we visit.

Prerequisite: Junior or Senior standing, Organismal Biology and Ecology 208, Organismal Biology and Ecology 389 (half-block), and consent of instructor. (taught in Patagonia) Extra Expense.


TermBlockTitleInstructorLocationStudent Limit/ AvailableUpdated
Spring 2020 Ecology and Biogeography of Patagonia Marc Snyder, Brian Linkhart TBA 14/14 02/19/2019