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AN308 – Topics in Anthropology:

Advanced study on themes in anthropology or between anthropology and other disciplines. Examples may involve politics, religion, cognition, folklore, materiality, environment or cultural ecology.

Prerequisite: One previous anthropology course or consent of instructor.


TermBlockTitleInstructorLocationStudent Limit/ AvailableUpdated
Fall 2017 Block 1 Topics in Anthropology: Applied Visual Anthropology Joshua Holst Barnes Science Center 412 25/11 12/11/2017
Fall 2017 Block 3 Topics in Anthropology: Expressive Culture and Language in Everyday Life Aimee Hosemann Barnes Science Center 412 25/22 12/11/2017
Spring 2018 Block 5 Topics in Anthropology: Collapse and Sustainability of Past Societies Scott Ingram TBA 25/15 12/11/2017
Spring 2018 Block 6 Topics in Anthropology: Narrative Culture Calla Jacobson TBA 25/20 12/11/2017
Spring 2018 Block 6 Topics in Anthropology: Historical Archaeology Scott Ingram TBA 25/20 12/11/2017
Spring 2018 Block 8 Topics in Anthropology: Politics, Religion, & the Secular Yogesh Chandrani TBA 25/1 12/11/2017