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AH200 – Topics in Art History:

Selected topics in art history at the intermediate level.


TermBlockTitleInstructorLocationStudent Limit/ AvailableUpdated
Fall 2017 Block 1 Topics in Art History: Etching with Rembrandt Rebecca Tucker, Kate Leonard Packard Hall 23 16/3 12/14/2017
Fall 2017 Block 2 Topics in Art History: Art of the Maya Meghan Rubenstein-Dankenbring Packard Hall 122 25/21 12/14/2017
Fall 2017 Block 2 Topics in Art History: Modern Architecture Catherine Hundley Packard Hall 23 25/11 12/14/2017
Fall 2017 Block 4 Topics in Art History: Gender, Marriage, and the Family in Renaissance Art Victoria Ehrlich Packard Hall 23 25/10 12/14/2017
Spring 2018 Half Block Topics in Art History: From Shock Tactics to Social Action: Contemporary Art Since 1989 Jessica Hunter-Larsen Fine Arts Center 150 25/15 12/14/2017
Spring 2018 Block 5 Topics in Art History: Golden Age of Greece Ruth Kolarik TBA 25/17 12/14/2017
Spring 2018 Block 6 Topics in Art History: Theories, Methodologies, and Practices Tamara Bentley, Scott Johnson TBA 16/0 12/14/2017
Spring 2018 Block 7 Topics in Art History: Arts of India and Iran in the Era of Empires (1500-1800) Deborah Hutton TBA 25/16 12/14/2017
Summer 2018 Topics in Art History: Rome, Naples, Sicily: Crossroads of the Anciente Mediterranean Sanjaya Thakur, Richard Buxton TBA 16/9 12/14/2017