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PS203 – The Art of Insurgency: Performance and Political Order

Where is the floor for political performance? On the stage? In the street? What political ideas are at work in performance? Freedom? Autonomy? Collectivism? Democracy?


Professor John Gould email
Associate Professor, Chair Shawn Womack email

Students will explore the role of performance in insurgencies against political and social order. Particular focus is on the instrumental use of constructs of gender, nation, sexuality and race in both repression and rebellion. Week three will be spent in Belgrade, Serbia where we will study and collaborate with artists from Dah Theatre, Women in Black, The Center for Cultural Decontamination, Gay Straight Alliance and CANVAS/Otpor. Students may choose a paper or performance track for their final projects. Prerequisites: A passport. COI and program fee. (PS203, DA200.) Instructors: Gould, Womack - 1 unit.

Prerequisite: Program Fee.

Also listed as: DA200, TH200