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    GS233 – Literary Journalism of the Outdoors

    Literary Journalism of the Outdoors explores the classic modern American works of outdoor journalism. Students will embark on a field trip to Santa Fe, NM, where they will have the opportunity to meet with editors, writers, and designers of Outside magazine.

    Writing Wild: The literary journalism of the outdoors. This writing-intensive course will consider classic modern American works of journalism focusing on the outside world—including natural science, environmental politics, adventure sports, and far-flung travel stories. Drawing especially on the rich tradition of outdoor writing from the pages of Outside and National Geographic (magazines to which the instructor is a long-term contributor), we will read deeply and widely, closely workshop our own pieces, and meet prominent writers in the genre. Course will include a field trip to the editorial offices of Outside magazine in Santa Fe, NM, to meet with editors, writers, and designers. Week One: Feral Characters: Eccentrics and Obsessives, Heroes and Anti-Heroes of the Outdoors Week Two: Land and Sea: Capturing Natural Atmospheres/Making Wild Settings Come Alive on the Page Week Three: The Quick and the Dead: Adventurous Treks, Epic Slogs, and Tales of Woe Week Four: Wild Thoughts: Nature is Benevolent, Nature is Savage

    Also listed as: EN286