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    CH100 – The Science of Painted Art

    Studies in Chemistry: The Science of Painted Art will explore actual artwork in the laboratory and examine the composition of paintings. Directed toward students, curators, and artists, the class will take a hands-on approach to the science behind art, forgery detection, and how humans create and perceive color.

    Photos courtesy of <a href="">Flickr</a> <a href="">user Cliff</a>.
    Photos courtesy of Flickr user Cliff.


    Retired Faculty Nate Bower email
    Associate Professor Amanda Bowman email
    Associate Professor Murphy Brasuel email

    Using actual artworks in the laboratory, the composition of paintings are examined with the tools an art conservator employs to determine a painting’s provenance and state of preservation. Includes a “hands-on” look at how humans create and perceive color using pigments and binders. This course is for students, curators and artists interested in the science underlying art and forgery detection.

    Prerequisite: 1 year high school Chemistry or COI. Summer Program Fee: $20