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    CL220 – Myth & Meaning

    Myth & Meaning analyzes myths across different cultures and time periods, such as acient Greece and Renaissance, by using various theoretical approaches. In doing so, students will uncover the relation to myths and the cultures they belong to.


    Professor Marcia Dobson email

    Religion and myth of ancient Greece and Rome in relation to that of the ancient Mediterranean (Akkadian, Hittite, Sumerian, Egyptian). Female presence in art, literature and religion compared to treatment of women in their respective cultures. Theoretical approaches to the understanding of myth (Comparative, Jungian, Structuralist) in relation to myths as they are encoded in their specific cultures. Students may trace a myth through Medieval, Renaissance and modern transformations in art, music, poetry and film, or study myth in other cultures (e.g. Norse and Celtic).

    Also listed as: CO200, FG220