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    NA – Multiracial Activism Institute

    The on-campus Multiracial Activism Institute will feature Rosa Clemente, an independent journalist, community organizer, hip-hop activist, and former Green Party VP candidate. She spoke at CC on Nov. 9, 2016, and will be leading the Jan. 14-15 portion of the workshop. Eric Popkin, Associate Professor of Sociology, and Jordan Radke, Interim Director of the Collaborative for Community Engagement, will be leading the Jan. 16-17 portion of the workshop. As part of the workshop, we are working on ways to send students out into the local community to connect with activist and community organizers that are closer to our reach and offer a sustainable relationship. This workshop is inclusive and open to any student on campus, no matter their political persuasion. We will discuss multiracial activism and how to make change happen at the community level.