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    EC110 – Markets & Morality: The Collaboration of Science/Ethics/Innovation

    Students will develop skills for considering and solving problems from multiple perspectives, with special consideration for questions of ethics and moral behavior. The Innovation@CC program will teach multidisciplinary techniques and introduce them to resources available at Colorado College and the Colorado Springs community.

    Photo from <a href="">Flickr user Kevin Dooley </a>
    Photo from Flickr user Kevin Dooley


    Professor Dan Johnson email

    As the social science developed to decision-making, economics is a mathematical analysis of how to optimize outcomes. But how do we make choices when the yardstick isn't obvious? How do we assess outcomes that are more moral than financial, more holistic than quantitative? Even more challenging, how do humans interact effectively when we don't agree on how to assess the outcomes, or don't even agree on the value systems we might use to evaluate the outcomes? This course is about how we make economic decisions, but more importantly it is about how we think about our own morality and the morality of those around us as we make decisions together.

    Prerequisite: FYE Course. First Years Only. Must take GS222 2211. The class will go to Baca the first week of Block 2, to repeat the Camp Risk experience that the Innovation @ CC team has created. High School Alg