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    FG206 – Women in Film

    Students will examine both women’s filmic representation (women on film) and women in film, with a focus on women auteurs, aesthetics, and issues of labor/production. They will also reflect on women’s film culture in the era of #MeToo by looking to film festivals and feminist labor practices as a site for women’s film activism.

    This course explores women in film and feminist film criticism in a transnational and transmedial context. We will examine women in relation to spectatorship, representation, labor and production, reception, and more. Some of the topics in the course include women’s filmic genres/modes/narratives, stars and auteurs, queer/LBGT representation, feminist aesthetics, and women and film festivals. Students will become acquainted with a variety of feminist approaches to film and media studies that range from psychoanalysis, critical race theory, star studies, and formal analysis.

    Also listed as: FM200