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    CN101 – Elementary Chinese

    A double block immersion into the Chinese language and culture.


    Lecturer Fanny Zhang email

    Designed to be practical and performance-based in nature, Elementary Chinese will skill students to the level of holding face to face conversations at a basic level in the language. Students will be able to read nearly 500 Chinese terms, including the most important signs and information needed to satisfy daily needs and develop friendships in Chinese. By the end of the two blocks, students will be able to write approximately 300 to 400 individual Chinese Characters and understand hold basic comprehension in both speaking and listening. Further, students will be immersed in Chinese culture as they discuss the Chinese zodiac, Chinese New Year, social visits in China, the typical environment in which Chinese children are raised, Chinese views of Americans and overseas Chinese, gift-giving in China, and much more. Perhaps most importantly, at the end of the course, students will have an increased appreciation of the Chinese language and culture. Banner photo taken by Brad Limov '12.

    Also listed as: PA101