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CL125 – Ancient Multicultures

What is culture at all? “Clash of Civilizations” vs. Multiculturalism —assimilation, emulation, syncretism...


Professor, Moses Giles Professor of Classics Owen Cramer email

Survey of ancient history as an arena of cultural contact between different ethnic, religious and cultural communities. Emphasis on the Persian Empire as 'other' to Greeks and Jews, on Alexandria as a 'melting pot' or 'salad bowl,' and on the Greco-Roman society of later antiquity as locus of changing identities. Mixed and dialogical cultural forms such as History, New Comedy, Pastoral, Apocalypse, Romance, Acts, and Gospel. Reading selected from Herodotus, the Bible, Plautus, Theocritus, Polybius, Vergil, Caesar Augustus, Philo and Petronius.

Also listed as: HY209