The Arts: Theory and Practice

Applicable for the 2022-2023 academic year.


Minor Requirements

This minor allows students to consider the philosophy of art and the theory of particular arts, studied in conjunction with actual experience in creation and performance. Students will explore the relationship between “criticizing” and “doing” — specifically how this relationship expresses itself in different art forms. Students distribute their five units among the categories below in the following manner: two courses, each from a different category, dealing with artistic theory, and two courses, each from a different category, involving artistic practice. At least one course in artistic theory and one course in artistic practice must be drawn from the same category.

Category One: Visual Arts. [Theory: AH112] [Practice: AS103, AS110, AS203, AS205, and AS214]

Category Two: Theatre Arts. [Theory: DR100] [Practice: DR105, DR108, DR201, DR205, DR206, DR305, DR306, DR307, DR308] [Theory: DA325] [Practice: DA221, DA321, and adjunct courses in dance when they add up to a full unit of credit]

Category Three: Literature. [Theory: EN201, EN250; FR306; CO100] [Practice: DR400, EN204, EN282, EN283]

Category Four: Music. [Theory: MU391, MU392, MU411] [Practice: MU325, MU399, and adjunct courses in applied music when they total a full unit of credit]

Category Five: Film. [Theory: FS205] [Practice: HS112]

Category Six: Philosophy of Art. [Theory: PH247]

The Integrative Experience

Students should, in addition, complete an integrative experience project, in connection with the last or next to last course in the minor, which addresses the relationship between theory and practice in the arts, drawing upon at least two art forms, or some type of performance, exhibition, etc. which involves work in more than one art form.

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