Concepts of Human Nature

Applicable for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Advisor; RIKER

Minor Requirements

An examination of the question, “How are we to explain human activity?” by bringing into a common forum the leading theories of human nature. 5 units minimum.

Students must choose at least one unit from each of the following categories and have courses from at least two departments.

Category One: Social Creation of Human Nature. AN102, PY100, PY109, SO109, SO228, PH307.

Category Two: Courses that consider biological or psychological structures and/or forces as necessary elements in the explanation of human activity: AN101, AN201, BY100 (Sociobiology), BY351, PY120, PY374, PY394. 

Category Three: Courses that examine metaphysical or conceptual issues concerning human nature: PH218, PH100, PH116, PH210, PH307, CL220, GS101. Departments often change courses and many courses can substitute for those listed here. Students may consult with the advisor to determine whether a course can satisfy one of the requirements.

The Integrative Experience

Either an independent study for the fifth course or a paper in the final course that meets the approval of both the professor in the course and the minor advisor, or an independent, no-credit project arranged with the minor advisor.

Note: Students are urged to take literature courses in which the workings of human nature are revealed in specific character and situations.

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