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Central American Culture and Society (an ACM Program)

Applicable for the 2018-2019 academic year.


Minor Requirements

Central American culture and society, studied through its language, literature, geography, ethnology, sociology, and politics. Emphasis varies from year to year, but always involves language, literature, and the social sciences. (Application deadlines: Early admission — November 1; final deadline — March 15.) 5 units. (Four units from the program, plus at least one year of Spanish.) Fall semester. 

The semester is divided as follows: a seven-week block in San Jose of intensive language and social science; a two-week rural stay during which each student works on an independent project designed with staff guidance; a six-week block of advanced language, literature, and research in one of the social sciences in San Jose.

The Integrative Experience

Toward the end of the semester in Costa Rica, each student does independent work on some aspect of Costa Rican culture and reports it to the whole.