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Arts of London and Florence (an ACM Program)

Applicable for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Advisor; ASHLEY

Minor Requirements

Comparative studies in the arts and culture of two important and contrasting European cities, each of which has crucially influenced the development of the modern world. (Application deadlines: Early admission — March 15; final deadline — October 15.) 5 units. 

Students receive four units of credit for the program, plus .75 units if they take the extra three-week Italian course in Florence. Students need to add one additional unit from a Colorado College course with some relation to the program to complete the thematic minor.

Students spend half the semester in Florence and the other half in London. Courses offered in each city will be the same for all students, though the selection may change from year to year. The segment in Florence contains on-going components in art history and Italian language. Students also take another course related to Italy, often in history, philosophy, or literature. The segment in London contains on-going components in drama and art history.

The program awards Colorado College credit in the humanities and, when appropriate, social science divisional credit and credit toward majors, subject to department approval. The various components provide an interdisciplinary approach to the examination of the arts in context.

The Integrative Experience

A paper or project completed at Colorado College at the end of the program in which the student compares various aspects of the two cultures.