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Courses Found for PY297

PY297: Neuroscience l

An introduction to the neural foundations of behavior. Explores the anatomical, physiological, and pharmacological underpinnings of topics such as development, movement, sensation, and cortical processing. Laboratory work emphasizes gross neuroanatomy, neurohistology, neurophysiology, and neuropharmacology.

Prerequisite: Psychology 100 or 101 or 111 or Biology 131 or consent of instructor.

1 unit — Lori Driscoll, Robert Jacobs

PY298: Neuroscience ll

A direct extension of topics covered in Neuroscience I (PY297), with emphasis on integrative neural systems. Explores complex aspects of neurophysiology, neuropharmacology, motor systems, auditory systems, language, memory, emotions, and neuroplasticity. Laboratory work emphasizes comparative neuroanatomy and systems neuroscience. PY298 is designed to be taken immediately after completion of PY297.

Prerequisite: Psychology 297, Neuroscience I.

1 unit — Lori Driscoll, Robert Jacobs