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Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World

An introductory survey of issues relating to gender and sexuality in Greece and Rome. The focus will be on the role of women in ancient society and their characterization in literature. Though our sources are dominated by male perspectives, the class will attempt a balanced and accurate picture of ancient society. The course will also place these literary depictions in the broader context of art, political and societal structure, religious belief and family relations. Authors examined will include Hesiod, Homer, Aristophanes, Virgil, the female poets Sappho and Sulpicia, Ovid, and many more. Meets the Critical Perspectives: Social Inequality requirement. (Not offered 2021-22).

Degree requirement — Critical Learning: HP, Critical Perspectives: S, Critical Learning: AIM, Critical Perspectives: S, Critical Perspectives: S

1 unit


Term Block Title Instructor Location Student Limit/Available Updated
Spring 2021 Block 8 Gender and Sexuality in the Ancient World Clayton Schroer TBA 25 / 15 04/17/2021
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