Hebrew Bible

A survey of the Hebrew Bible (Christian 'Old Testament') from an academic point of view, including questions of authorship, geographic and historical context, and preservation and transmission. All texts are read in English translation. (Not offered 2023-24).

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Hebrew Bible explores ancient Israelite society by examining the Christian Old Testament and other literature, such as myths, laws, and poetry. In addition, students will be able to recognize the lasting effect these traditions have on contemporary culture.
Hebrew Bible
In this course, students examine the history and literature of the Hebrew Bible, also known as the Christian Old Testament. Through close reading of biblical texts and relevant scholarship, students encounter varied representations of cultural, political and religious facets of ancient Israelite society. From a historical perspective, they study the biblical texts alongside other literature and cultures of the ancient Near East. The course also highlights the rich literary diversity present in the canon, from myths to laws to poetry. In addition, students consider issues related to the composition and transmission of the biblical books. They also develop an awareness of how biblical traditions continue to impact our contemporary culture in significant ways.
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