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Analysis of several novels and screenplays of different periods in comparison with their film versions in order to examine various modes of interpretation of the two media. Conducted in English. Students wishing to obtain credit for the French major, or the minor, must consult the instructor at the beginning of the course. For majors, novels must be read and papers must be written in French. No prerequisite. (Not offered 2022-23).

1 unit

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In Comic Books and Graphic Novels: From Tin Tin to Maus and Beyond, students compare how representations of national traits, jokes, and caricature have come to structure French comics.
Comic Books and Graphic Novels
What do Tin Tin, Milou, and characters from Maus have in common? This new course examines the nature of the comic book and graphic novel from a comparative perspective. Drawing on French, American, Belgian, and English sources, students study topics such as humor, iconography, nationalism and semiotic systems, as well as examine the nature of tragedy in the comic book by using this medium to look at representations of the Holocaust and September 11th.
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