Intermediate French and Cultural Studies in Francophone Africa

The sub-Saharan African region, specifically the country of Senegal, offers a unique experience to students, from both linguistic and socio-cultural perspectives. The course for Summer Session 2006 will provide students with the unique opportunities to travel in Africa and study language (in this case intermediate French) and culture within the broader international content. It will be based primarily on perspectives on literature, history, geography, social anthropology, politics, ecology and arts and crafts as well as on a formal and total immersion in language learning. The course will be mostly an exploratory learning experience, which includes an introduction to contemporary Africa through historical perspectives: examining the diversity of African cultures and sub-cultures through their indigenous and inherited legacies, particularly the Francophone regions. The course will also investigate the geo-politics of the colonial legacies by analyzing 'the African' definition of the state within the concept of nationhood. Furthermore, the course will expose the participant students to the intricate nature of African cultures, largely through prevailing cultural norms such as notions of caste, class and governmental politics, of the local African religions and the arts, etc. In regards to the ecology, guided field trips will be organized to expose participants to the diverse and rich nature of the Senegalese savanna fauna and flora. Meets the Language Requirement requirement. (Not offered 2022-23).

Degree requirement — Language Requirement

2 units

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