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Dance Studio: Choreography/Performance

Note on dance technique classes: Dance technique classes at Colorado College are developed to satisfy a wide range of student interest and expertise. Students who have never danced before will find that the Beginning Modern class is an appropriate level for them. This class will provide an introduction to various dance styles, improvisation, and expression in movement, while simultaneously developing an awareness and appreciation for anatomically correct movement technique. Beginning Ballet classes are recommended for students who have danced before and would like to continue in ballet, and for students who are taking more than one semester in dance. Improvisation classes are useful for students wishing to do work in choreography, or for students who are curious about spontaneous process. Improvisation is also open to music students who would like to work with improvisational forms. Tai chi classes are open to all students, and are particularly useful for athletes who need to develop strength, flexibility and mental concentration. Jazz classes are recommended for students who are interested in broadening their understanding of indigenous dance styles. Since students often come to Colorado College with more than a few years of dance training, we advise students to register for the class that they think is most appropriate to their level, with the understanding that the teacher may advise the student to change to a different class once the course is begun. (Not offered 2021-22).

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