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Arabic and Islamic Studies

Applicable for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Advisors; WRIGHT, NAJI

Minor Requirements

This track allows students of Arabic to study the history, religion, politics, and culture of the Arab Islamic world. Students who choose to follow this track will be required to take:

  • A minimum of two units of Arabic at the intermediate level AR 201 and higher.
  • Four units in approved content courses that cover topics related to the Arab and Islamic worlds in two different departments. During the last content course, the student is required to write an integrative experience paper. 

The current possible list of courses for this track is listed below. However, the list below will be reviewed and updated on a yearly basis:

  • Art History. AH120 Islamic Art
  • History. HY104 The Mediterranean; HY133 Civilization in the Middle East; HY200 The search for Islamic order; HY200 Islamic Cities; HY200 Freedom and Authority in Everyday Life: Women, Men, and Children in the Middle East; HY200; Imagining Jordan: Myth, History, and Identity.
  • Political Science. PS313 Comparative Politics of the Middle East and North Africa; PS314 International Politics of the Middle East and North Africa; PS203 Topics in Politics: Israelis and Palestinians; PS200 The Search for Islamic Order.
  • Religion. RE140/PA 199 Islam; RE345/PA 345 The Dervish Diaries; RE 300/Comp Lit 352 Qur’an.
  • Mediterranean and Francophone Studies. AR320 Topics in Arabic Literature and Culture.