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Departmental Major/International Affairs Option

Applicable for the 2017-2018 academic year.


The departmental major/international affairs option is designed to allow students the advantage of a traditional major along with the development of an understanding of international affairs. It assumes that such an understanding begins to develop through study of a foreign language, an extended experience outside one’s own country, and a familiarity with approaches which address the affairs of nations and peoples.

The requirements of the departmental major/international affairs option are as follows:

  1. The requirements of the major.
  2. At least three units of credit for study outside the United States.
  3. Proficiency in a foreign language:
    For languages that are taught at Colorado College, proficiency through the Conversation and Composition level (usually 305). For languages that are not taught at the college or are taught only to the intermediate (usually 202) level, proficiency through the intermediate level. Students may meet this requirement through placement exams.
  4. Three units of credit in courses that cover in a substantial way the foundations used by a discipline to understand and compare the social affairs of nations and peoples and interactions among nations and peoples.

A course that covers certain phenomena in geographical areas other than the United States does not qualify per se. A student whose major is in a discipline which offers foundations courses must take at least one of the three units in the major. See an international affairs adviser for a list of approved courses or view at link below.

Approved courses and Application