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Psychoanalysis: Theories of the Unconscious

Applicable for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Advisor: Professor DOBSON; Secondary Advisors — Professors LEE, RIKER

Minor Requirements

Psychoanalysis is the theory of human mentality that acknowledges that all that we think and do is profoundly impacted by unconscious processes. The psychoanalysis minor explores theories of the unconscious from Freud to the present, seeking ways to engage the unconscious in conversations that can lead to the integration and potential transformation of the human psyche.

The minor consists of 5 units, and a final minor paper, which may be completed in one of the courses, upon the approval of the advisors and professors involved, or may be taken as an independent study for one unit: HS 370.

The first three courses are to be chosen from among the following:

  • CL220/CO200 Myth and Meaning. 1 unit — Dobson.
  • PY120/PH262/CO200 Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy: Discovering the Unconscious. 1 unit — Dobson.
  • PH325 Philosophy and Psychoanalysis. 1 unit — Riker.
  • PH203/CO200 Contemporary Psychoanalysis. (Taught in Chicago; extra expense $$$.) 1 unit — Riker, Dobson.

A fourth and fifth course may be chosen from a number of related courses in the following disciplines. The fifth course may also be taken as the independent capstone course, HS 370, if the final minor paper is not completed within one of the other courses:

  • PH203/CO200 Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society. (Taught in Chicago; extra expense $$$.) 1 unit — Dobson, Riker.
  • PH203 Jacques Lacan. 1 unit – Lee.
  • EN386 Joyce’s Ulysses. 1 unit — Simons.
  • PY160 Women and Madness. 1 unit — Waters.
  • PY281 Personality. 1 unit — Roberts.
  • PY362 Abnormal Psychology. 1 unit — Erdal.

Other appropriate courses may be added or substituted with the approval of the minor advisors. Examples from 2011–12 are CL222/PH203 /RE200/CO220: Life of the Soul; CO220/GR320 Hermann Hesse and Psychoanalysis. CO200/EN280/PH203 Media and Psychoanalysis.