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Ambassador Volunteer

Responsibilities to include:

  • Hold and run an annual planning meeting.
  • Identify and recruit other alumni to join the planning group.
  • Call key volunteers and prospective volunteers to ensure their attendance at the planning meeting.
  • Delegate the planning of event(s) to member(s) of core planning group.
  • Two months before event(s) follow-up with planner(s) to check on progress of event(s).
  • I f necessary, make phone calls/send e-mail to local alumni and parents to boost attendance at event(s), recruit other volunteers to help.
  • Act as liaison between the Alumni & Parent Relations Office and your city. Use your Alumni Board Engagement Committee as an additional source of information and guidance.
  • Find and groom your successor. Term length should be limited. Recommend no longer than 4 consecutive years.

Planning Committee Member

Responsibilities to include:

  • Attend planning meeting.
  • Volunteer to plan event(s) and/or be a contact person for event(s).
  • Recruit other alumni to be a part of the core planning group.
  • If necessary, make phone calls/send e-mail to local alumni and parents
  • to boost attendance at event(s).
  • Send event follow-up information to the Alumni & Parent Relations Office after the event.
  • There is an unlimited length of time a person can be on a planning committee.

How to Plan a Successful Event

Your Colorado College Alumni & Parent Relations Office would like to offer the following guidelines and helpful hints for planning a successful event.

Why Do We Plan Alumni Events?

Connect. Motivate. Have fun.

To advance the general interests of the College; to promote the College; and to promote the participation of alumni and parents in College affairs.

What Types of Events Should We Plan?

You should plan a variety of events through the course of the year which are:

  • Social
  • Cultural
  • Athletic
  • Family
  • Professor Visit

Annual Planning Meeting

Ambassadors should hold an Annual Planning Meeting to determine the events for your city in a given year. The purpose of a planning meeting is to:  

  • Plan your alumni event calendar 14 months in advance
  • Ensure you are conducting a variety of events to suite all alumni
  • Reserve venues, speakers and details in advance

Planning Your Event

About 2-3 Months before:

Reserve the location and get directions

Check for handicap accessibility

Contact the speaker (if necessary)

Purchase tickets (if necessary)

Determine the budget- CC pays for invitations and travel expenses for professors

Charge a fee (no matter how small) to cover food, tickets, admission, etc.

Assign a person to accept RSVPs and/or payments

Contact the Alumni & Parent Relations Office at least 6 weeks prior to RSVP deadline so they can design, print and mail the invitation

Within the Month Prior to the Event

Check last minute details

Confirm final attendee count (Not enough attendees? Call and recruit from "active list" from the Alumni Office. Too many attendees? Take waiting list, add a second program.)

Confirm speaker, venue, catering, etc.

Arrange for payments if necessary

Prepare for needed equipment (AV equip, tables, chairs, registration table)

Request registration packet from Alumni Office in advance (name tags, sign-in sheet, event report from, CC news, CC banner)

Make nametags in advance- Use thick black marker

- Print names large enough to read from a distance

- Include class year or "parent"

- Include maiden name

At the Event  

Arrive early, hang CC event signs and direction signs if necessary

Set up registration table: CC banner, name tags, sign-in sheet, pens, RSVP list, CC news

Check arrangements: room, equipment, catering

Greet attendees: accept payments if necessary, assist with name tags/sign-in

Open the event: provide welcoming remarks, news from CC, upcoming alumni events

Take pictures: action shots are great! - get the CC banner in the background

Close the event: thank everyone, if appropriate provide gift to speaker, remind attendees of upcoming events, if appropriate distribute evaluation sheets   After the Event   Collect/deposit fees, make necessary payments

Send event packet to Alumni Office (sign-in sheet, event report form and pictures with names for Alumni Bulletin)

You may also fill out the event report online.

Send thank you notes to speakers, hosts, etc. as appropriate
Review event with your planning group - share ideas for improving event

How to Contact the Alumni Office

Phone: (800) 852-6519
Fax:(719) 389-6271

Office of alumni & parent relations
Colorado College
14 E. Cache La Poudre
Colorado Springs, CO 80903
(800) 852-6519 | (719) 389-6778