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Generally, the ambassador organizes one annual planning meeting where various volunteers in the area help plan about four annual CC alumni events.

The events usually focus on sports, family, cultural, arts, faculty visits or the standard happy hour for young alumni. Our annual national events include the Hockey Telecast and CC Cares, our national community service day.

You may respond: "I don't know how to plan an event." Don't worry, it's our job to help you understand the process and experience success.

Check out our Ambassador's Toolbox for information on planning meetings and events.

One small perk is that the college will pay for you to attend the annual Alumni Leadership Forum where you'll receive extensive training and connect with events leaders nationwide.

Consider the job a promotion - from CC alumnus/alumna to CC Ambassador!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Courtney Arnstein, alumni program officer for alumni events at 800-852-6519.


  • Hold and run an annual planning meeting.
  • Identify and recruit other alumni to join the planning group.
  • Call key volunteers and prospective volunteers to ensure their attendance at the planning meeting.
  • Delegate the planning of event(s) to member(s) of core planning group.
  • Two months before event(s) follow-up with planner(s) to check on progress of event(s).
  • If necessary, make phone calls/send e-mail to local alumni and parents to boost attendance at event(s), recruit other volunteers to help.
  • Act as liaison between alumni office and your metro area.
  • Use the Alumni Board Alumni Engagement Committee as an additional source of information and guidance.
  • Find and groom your successor.
  • Term length should be limited. Recommend no longer than four consecutive years.