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CCASE Program Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the statistics for admitted students?
Colorado College has a very selective application process. Close to a fourth of students who apply for admission are admitted. Please review our student profile for more specific statistics on our entering class.

What does the admission committee look for in a student’s application?
The most essential component to an application is the transcript; we look at rigor of curriculum chosen (compared with what is offered at the student’s school), as well as how successful he or she was in those courses. We also look at test scores (check out our new flexible testing policy), essays, extracurricular activities, recommendations (this is where your endorsement comes into play!), and interviews. Our review process is holistic and done by committee.

My student has not visited campus. Should I encourage them to make a visit?
A campus visit is the best way to determine if CC is a good fit. Students can visit CC most days – have them check our visit page. We understand that students may not have the time or the resources to visit campuses before applying; this will not hurt a student’s chance for admission. If your student is unable to visit in the fall, encourage them to request an interview with a traveling admission director or a trained alumni interviewer.

My student will need financial aid. What does he or she need to know?
We have both need- and merit-based financial aid. Encourage your student to visit the financial aid website to check out deadlines and requirements. We offer application fee waivers for students for whom the application fee is cost prohibitive. Please direct your student to the contact page so that they may connect with the admission staff member for their home territory. CC is able to meet the full financial eligibility for its students who apply on time, so meeting these deadlines is very important. Students need to apply for financial aid at the same time they apply for admission, even if they are using one of our early deadlines. Most financial aid packages include a grant, a loan, and work-study. Merit-based aid is given to approximately the top 15% of our admitted students. 

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