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Physical Wellness

Physical Wellness

  • Physical fitness
  • Healthy nutrition
  • Medical awareness and disease prevention
  • Injury prevention
  • Healthy sleep habits

Colorado College is committed to encouraging and supporting students in making healthy, responsible choices around alcohol and other substance use.  We approach this mission through a multi-pronged effort which includes:

  • clear articulation and consistent enforcement of policies that promote an educational environment free of substance use/abuse;
  • ongoing prevention education programming for members of the campus community;
  • training and empowerment for students to effectively intervene when they see peers in at-risk situations; and
  • providing a range of care through the campus medical servicesCounseling Center and referral to off-campus treatment programs.

Alcohol is the most commonly used substance on college campuses.  We know that alcohol use and abuse are associated with a number of health and safety risks, including injury, overdose, and victimization.  Offices like Campus Activities and Residential Life, as well as student groups like Sacred Grounds, develop programming and spaces that promote safe, fun environments.  There are many resources for students trying to find alternative events and activities.  There are also many resources available to students who are trying to evaluate their own choices around alcohol.  The BACCHUS Network has information about the health and safety risks associated with alcohol use, and students can work with Counseling Center Staff to get an assessment of their substance use.  Counselors can help students develop plans to manage their substance choices in healthy ways, as well as provide referrals to appropriate treatment programs.  For students who are already in recovery, there are a variety of 12-step program meetings that take place within walking distance of campus.

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We've known for decades that tobacco use is harmful to our health, placing us at increased risk for a variety of illnesses, including cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory illness, reproductive illness and problems, and oral health problems. If you or someone you know uses tobacco, you can learn more about the impacts of tobacco use, as well as learn about strategies and resources for quitting at

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