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RFP Form

As you fill out the form, please make sure to refer back to the RFP for instructions, a list of the four main goals (your proposal should align with at least one), and examples to get you thinking.

You can also choose not to use this form and instead submit a 1-page letter of intent addressing the same points to

Your proposal should be approximately 1 page of text in total.

Action team members

  • Anne Hyde, Chair
    [Director of the Crown Faculty Center]
  • Kris Stanec
    Lecturer in Education
  • Virginia Visconti
    Interim Director of the Collaborative for Community Engagement
  • Jared Richman
    Assistant Professor of English
  • Inger Bull
    Director of International Programs
  • Diane Alters
    Academic Communications Specialist
  • Tomi-Ann Roberts
    Professor of Psychology
  • Chad Schonewill
    Help Desk Team Lead