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Information for Students

Important Information: 

1. Possible Transitions Fellowship Program Projects and Placements

The CC Transitions Fellowship Program encourages students to expand their experiences and networks during the summer following their graduation in ways that could lead to career paths in the private sector or in public service. The new fellowships are intended to build upon academic work done while at Colorado College. Our goal is to support selected graduates, from as wide an array of majors and departments as possible, while they deepen and enrich the skills and experiences that are necessary for more successful transitions after graduation. Possible TFP projects (for the Summer of 2013) could include:

  • International projects or internships that follow from existing CC courses, study abroad programs, or Senior-Year-Experience courses;
  • Projects and subsidized internships at businesses, government agencies, and other nonprofit organizations in the United States which could lead to possible longer-term employment or into graduate training (note that we strongly encourage students to pursue existing internship opportunities and, if possible, to coordinate such applications with the internship coordinator in the Career Center, please contact Andrea Culp at 389-6893 or;
  • Active participation in political or ballot issue campaigns, provided that such involvement includes substantive work in research and writing or mass media.

While the selection committee will be open to a wide range of proposals, we will be especially interested in supporting proposed activities and placements that are project-based, and which entail real opportunities for responsibility and creativity, rather than simply routine administrative work. Note also that the selection committee will be less inclined to support internships for which the student is partially paid, and that we will NOT provide funds for any for-profit placement agencies or training programs.

We hope that TFP projects will grow holistically out of students interests and academic training during their years at CC, and that the new program will be guided and partially funded by engaged alumni.

2. Eligibility Criteria and Application Procedures

Applications for the Transitions Fellowship Program will only be accepted from students who are on track to graduate in good standing. Applications must include the following (and will not be considered if incomplete):

2.1. A narrative statement of your proposed project, internship placement, or transitions experience (2-3 pages, typed and double-spaced). This narrative statement should describe in detail how your proposed fellowship emerges out of your academic experience while at CC; how it will help to support your transition into future career and professional plans; and the specific skills or experiences it will help you develop.

2.2. A copy of your CC academic transcript (unofficial is perfectly acceptable!)

2.3.A summary of your proposed budget (please detail travel expenses, living costs, program fees, etc.).

2.4. The names and contact information for at least two faculty members who are familiar with your work at CC, and who can address the merits of the specific activities proposed in the fellowship application. In other words, you should inform faculty members that you are using them as references, tell them about your project, and seek their advice and suggestions before applying.

2.5. A letter of agreement or acceptance from the sponsoring organization or training program (if applicable); this could be in the form of an informal e-mail or offer at the time of application, but it must be on file as a formal letter of acceptance before funds are released (see below for information about funding and reporting requirements).

While the selection committee will review all complete proposals, we can only fund a small portion of applications. Students, therefore, should NOT assume that they will receive support through this program and should make alternative plans for Summer 2013. Students who are awarded a Transitions Fellowship must inform the Dean’s Office of other grant awards or internship placements received for Summer 2013.

Four (4) physical copies, OR one (1) digital copy, of the application are due no later than Wednesday, March 27th to: James Cheng, c/o Office of the Dean of the College or Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee of faculty and staff, and members of the CC Alumni Association. 

Fellowship recipients will be notified near the end of block 7 / early block 8. 

As noted, formal letters of acceptance or enrollment from the sponsoring organization or training program must be on file in the Dean’s Office no later than May 31, 2013. In the case that a student fails to submit proper documentation, the Office of the Dean reserves the right to release them from the Transitions Fellowship Program. 

4. Reporting Requirement and Payments

Transitions Fellows will receive payments in two separate installments, one at the beginning of the summer and one near the end. EVERY Transitions Fellow must submit final reports summarizing their experience to the Dean's Office Paraprofessional in September 2013. Student essays are critical for record-keeping and writing a final report used to raise funds for the next class of Transitions Fellows. Upon submitting your final report, you will receive the final installment of your grant money. 

5. Contact Us

For more information please contact James Cheng, Paraprofessional in the Office of the Dean of the College ( 719-389-6317.