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Featured Project:

HoltsniderLucy Holtsnider

(Studio Art)
Internship at Ray Tomasso’s Art Studio
Denver, CO

Lucy took advantage of an internship at Ray Tomasso’s papermaking and letterpress studio. Tomasso is a “notable presence in the Colorado art community,” and an artist with world-renowned papermaking and press skills.  Lucy learned about Ray’s collection of type as she categorized, set, and printed different types. She was able to operate two unfamiliar presses, and printed pieces that were exhibited in Steamboat, CO. 

HoltsniderShe recounts, “the experience of watching a working artist create pieces for a show, hang the work, and ultimately speak publically about it provided a tantalizing preview of a career I would like to build for myself.” Lucy also noted that she has a better conception of the compromises and benefits associated with being a working artist. She explained that there are long hours, and artists must tirelessly self-promote. In exchange, though, artists can create their own schedules, travel frequently, and use their creativity to support themselves. Lucy reports that Tomasso helped her land a part-time job working for an art collector. She is currently working to establish her own business, Iron Cupcake Press, and deeply appreciates the connections she has made through the Transitions Fellowship.