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Amrit Calhoun

Amrit Calhoun Amrit Calhoun


Summer Research and Writing

Britton Lab, Brown University

During Amrit’s summer, she used the Transitions Fellowship to pursue a research internship at Brown University’s Britton Lab in Contemplative and Clinical Neuroscience. Using her background as a psychology major, she performed independent research and learned specialized research skills. Some of her work included manuscript writing and data analysis on the effects of meditation in 6th grade classrooms and college curriculum on well being, attention, and mood; acting as a confederate in a pilot study to be used by a NIH funded Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy experiment; and the analysis, organization, and presentation of the effects of an 8-week Mindfulness Intervention on Miriam Hospital doctors and nurses.

Amrit Calhoun

Amrit believes that her Transitions Fellowship experience at the Britton lab “created a community, and was more so about social action and changing the world than each person simply getting experience for graduate school.” She is currently in a research position conducting autism research and is also teaching reading and writing in an after-school program at an elementary school.