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Information for Donors

Continuing the Post-Graduate Summer Transitions Fellowship Program

Invest in Student Futures:

The Transitions Fellowship Program is an indispensable resource for graduating seniors and allows them to pursue opportunities that would be otherwise inaccessible. Sustaining the Transitions Fellowship Program is particularly important as the current economy restricts job opportunities for recent graduates. Institutional partners and donors are essential in preserving this opportunity: College resources will support this program in part, but internal funds that were temporarily allocated to Transitions in the past are limited and often directed toward very specific projects. Donations from alumni, parents, and friends of the College who are committed to supporting students as they explore post-graduate opportunities will enable us to offer valuable Transitions Fellowship experiences to CC graduates.

Each year, we aim to award approximately $50,000 in Fellowship grants. Budget restraints this year limited the total grant awards to $35,000. By investing in the Transitions Fellowship Program, you are investing in our students’ futures. There is no minimum donation required and donations will be accepted year-round.

The Transitions Fellowship Program:

The goal of the post-graduate summer Transitions Fellowship Program (TFP) is to support students, from as wide an array of majors as possible, as they transition to careers or graduate study. It is run by the Office of the Dean of the College in coordination with the Alumni Office, the Career Center, and other programs on campus. Transitions Fellowships enable selected students to apply the academic and extracurricular interests they cultivated at CC to new settings after graduating. With Transitions support, graduates further develop professional skills through planning and pursuing a broad range of experiences, including pre-existing internships, student-designed research, and community development projects. Upon completing their fellowships, Transitions Fellows are often offered a permanent position.

Over the four years of its existence, this program has served students from every discipline and from twenty-five out of the thirty-four majors offered at CC. Applicants consistently outnumber the possible fellowship awards, so the program remains competitive. In all, there have been 164 applicants and sixty-eight fellowships awarded since the program’s inception in 2008. Each spring, a new class of Transitions Fellows is selected to be supported through their post-graduate summer. In 2012, sixteen seniors will receive Transitions Fellowship awards. You can find descriptions of featured 2011 and 2012 Transitions Fellows’ experiences on the Transitions Fellowship home page.  By investing in Transitions, you will help sponsor similar student experiences.