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In Residence Halls

Since residential buildings are not suited for most pets and animals can carry and transmit diseases, the only pets that students are permitted to have in the residential areas at any time, other than service animals approved by the office of Disability Services, are fish/crustaceans that live under water at all times. All pets must be kept in the student's room/apartment at all times. Any pet or animal that causes a disturbance to the community, as determined by the RLC, must be removed from the residential facilities by the student or hall staff may contact the Humane Society or appropriate organizations. A disturbance to the community could include being out of a cage, smelling badly, causing damage or causing a nuisance to neighbors. Damages caused by pets will be charged to the owner/caretaker.

Dog Policy

Dogs are allowed in outdoor areas of campus only, but cannot be left tethered anywhere on campus and must be accompanied by, and under the control of, the owner at all times. Dog owners must immediately remove any animal wastes.

Dogs are not allowed inside college buildings or offices at any time.

The college reserves the right to remove dogs that are noisy, disruptive, or that pose a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of others.

This policy does not apply to disabled individuals using service animals, except that the college reserves the right to remove service animals that pose a threat to the health, safety, or welfare of others.