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Special Provisions

In most circumstances, Colorado College treats attempts to commit any of the violations of the student conduct policies as if those attempts had been completed.

As necessary, Colorado College reserves the right to initiate a complaint, to serve as complainant, and to initiate conduct proceedings without a formal complaint by the victim of misconduct.

Although student behavior is usually addressed through processes outlined in the Student Conduct Procedures, the college reserves the right to handle student conduct concerns administratively, including assigning sanctions. Such administrative actions will be initiated according to the discretion of the Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students or his or her designee. Among other things, the need for confidentiality, for immediate action, or for protection of others may prompt such action. The college also reserves the right to grant a reprieve from sanctioning when circumstances dictate. Please see information found within the Philosophy section of the Pathfinder for more information about reprieves from sanctioning.

Colorado College reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose conduct is regarded as being in conflict with the best interests of the college or in violation of its Student Code of Conduct.


Reprieve from Sanctions

The college encourages bystander intervention and proactive action such as seeking medical assistance when a student’s health and safety may be in jeopardy, including when the danger arises due to the abuse of alcohol.   The college desires to acknowledge behaviors that demonstrate care and concern for the members of our community.  Accordingly, the college reserves the right to provide a reprieve from discipline to a student or group of students who exhibit responsible, proactive behavior in an effort to ensure their own or another student’s health and safety during an incident or situation that involves a violation of the college’s policies relating to consumption of alcohol.   Students involved in such circumstances should still expect to meet with college professionals to discuss the situation and any concerning behaviors.  A reprieve from sanctions will only be granted by the college when the circumstances so warrant.  Generally, the college will not grant a reprieve if the conduct and behavior in question include acts of violence, vandalism, or result in harm to others.  

Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct Procedures section in the Pathfinder for more information regarding sanctions.